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Terms and Conditions

1. My responsibilities as the teacher

  • I will ensure your contact details and any confidential information is kept private unless you specifically agree otherwise.


  • I will prepare lessons for your online sessions which will help you make progress in the learning areas we have agreed.

  • I will send a reminder email to you 24 hours before the lesson.

  • I will be on time for for each session. If I join the lesson more than 15 minutes late from the agreed start time, you will be given an extra lesson free of charge.

2. Your responsibilities as the student


  • You will be on time for each lesson. You will wait at least 15 minutes from the agreed start time for the teacher to join. 

  • You will check your computer, microphone or headset, and internet connection are working before each lesson.

  • You will try to be in a quiet place for each lesson.

  • You will try to complete any homework or preparation required for the lesson. 

3. Circumstances beyond our control

  • If there are circumstances which prevent the lesson going ahead - for example, general internet problems; illness; personal issues - then we will take a sensible, helpful and adult approach to addressing the problem. 

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